The Instant An Abused Dog Realizes He's Being Saved Is The Most Powerful Thing You'll See Today
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The Instant An Abused Dog Realizes He’s Being Saved Is The Most Powerful Thing You’ll See Today

The best part of being involved with animal rescue has to be this:

Seeing the change that comes over the thankful animal’s face when it realizes it has been saved.

It may have spent its life in squalor, being abused and neglected, or treated to painful experiments…but all at once, that’s behind them.

Until you have watched a dog lie down beside a blanket because he doesn’t understand that it’s there for his comfort, you can’t comprehend what some animals go through.

In all the pictures below, the humans know one sad fact about animal abuse: They see it every day. They know the horrors that some humans can inflict on animals.

But they also know what it looks like to see a saved furry soul!

Chained with an impossibly heavy logging chain, never able to go beyond its small circle, a piece of a barrel as its home…tonight this dog will have a blanket, good food and cool water.

And, NO chain around its neck. Ever again. Life just took a turn for the better.

For the love of money, some people turn dogs into monsters. It’s the job of a rescuer to turn it back into a happy, healthy, loving dog.

Some are too damaged to save. Many can live only in special homes. But thankfully, most adapt well to a normal responsible family life.

These puppies were brought into the world to make money. Because of their breed, they would have likely been tested as fighters.

Those that failed would have been sacrificed as bait dogs to train large killing machines.

Instead, they will go home with families that have open arms and loving attitudes!

It took a village to rescue these beagles from a testing facility in Italy.

There are hundreds of testing facilities in the US that use beagles because they are calm and happy dogs that accept ill treatment without losing their good personality.

This one, at least, won’t ever have unnecessary surgery, or be tested with potentially dangerous chemicals, have its eyes burned or its skin punctured just to see what happens.

He’s probably too young to realize that this is likely the very best day of his short life, but he’s still ecstatic!

Kisses from a grateful dog make the job or volunteer work worth every heartbreak!

It’s an amazing feeling to walk away from an abusive home carrying in your arms a precious bundle that has likely never felt loving hands…until yours.

Rescued directly from a fighting ring, he was docile and didn’t fight against his rescuer’s grasp.

He seemed to know…it’s all better now.

Until we all fight for tougher laws against animal neglect and abuse, law enforcement will have a hard time being able to help save them all.

Write to your legislators. Tell them those laws are important to you!

And you’ll remember how much help they give abused animals, with your vote.

At the end of a long hard day of rescue, everyone involved is still smiling.

Tonight, there will be blankets, food, bones and for once in their life, a goodnight pat from a loving hand.

Neglect is just as abusive to a dog as actually hitting it or starving it. Dogs deserve a few creature comforts.

Especially if they are kept in situations where they have no choice but to become soiled and matted…

Americans are lucky to live in a country that doesn’t see dogs as livestock to be eaten.

But there are far too many pet owners that aren’t very highly evolved when it comes to understanding the difference in “owning a dog” and “being a responsible dog owner.”

And that truly is sad.

If you can’t donate money or your time to work with a local rescue, please remember them when you have torn sheets or other bedding.

They always need bedding as well as any cleaning supplies, food and water bowls and grooming equipment.

If we all show the world we care, we will make a difference. Even just one dog at a time.

These moments captured above show the difference we can make!

Source: I Heart Dogs

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