After A Terrible Maiming, Stray Pit Bull Molly Has A Gift For Her Rescuers
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After A Terrible Maiming, Stray Pit Bull Molly Has A Gift For Her Rescuers

Stray dogs are in constant danger.

Whether it’s due to man-made obstacles like vehicles or Mother Nature and the unforgiving elements, homeless dogs have it rough.

That’s why it’s important to get them to safety as quickly as possible.

So, when police officer Kevin McCullen received a call about a dog in great distress, he rushed to the scene.

But he wasn’t holding out much hope because the dog in question, Molly, had been struck by a train.

Chances are, Officer McCullen wasn’t going to like what he saw when he arrived, but he wanted to see if there was anything he could do.

When he found the poor pooch, she’d lost a leg due to the tragic accident, and she’d also lost a tremendous amount of blood.

Part of her tail was gone, too. But you know, that didn’t stop her from wagging that tail when McCullen arrived.

And even her dire situation didn’t stop her from reaching up and giving her rescuer a kiss!

The kind officer brought Molly to Baltimore Animal Rescue where she received the proper medical attention.

She’s on the mend now and she’s getting happier by the day. That partial tail wags like crazy when people are around, too!

This dog wasn’t about to give up and die. Furthermore, she maintained such a positive attitude throughout that it’s impossible not to root for her.

For now, Molly will stay with a foster parent but hopefully, she’ll soon find her forever home with a loving family.

This is a message for everyone:

No matter what happens, keep your chin up!

Source: Doggies Care

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