When The School Bus Stops, The Strangest Pet Ever Charges Up The Driveway
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When The School Bus Stops, The Strangest Pet Ever Charges Up The Driveway

After a long lonely day, pets love to greet their humans when they come home.

It’s hardly uncommon to see dogs and even cats running up to a school bus, so they can get some much-needed affection the instant the student disembarks.

But a bunch of students and one very surprised bus driver never expected the animal that came sprinting up the driveway one afternoon…

The bus stopped in front of Savannah Burns’ home in Atlanta, Texas and before Savannah got off, here it came!

A little black spot rushing straight at the bus, obviously happy that her friend had come home.

But what the heck was it?

It wasn’t a cat or a dog and it moved sort of funny…and once it got closer to the bus, the kids on board realized the thing had feathers!

Yep, it was the family’s pet rooster that had charged forward to say hello. In fact, the loyal pet meets Savannah EVERY day after school.

In and of itself, that’s pretty strange. Not many kids have roosters as pets, though we assume at least a few do.

No, the strangeness continues from there: Firstly, this rooster is a little different. He has feathers all the way down to his feet and he doesn’t really run…he sort of hops.

And that odd trait resulted in the second piece of strangeness. As Savannah’s mom Holley said:

He didn’t walk—he hopped,” Holley said. “My son was like, ‘It’s hopping like a frog. We should name him Frog.’

Yes, the rooster’s name is indeed Frog and perhaps strangest of all, he doesn’t really care about hanging out with his bird friends. He much prefers humans!

And he has created quite the bond with teenage Savannah. Some people find it weird but it makes perfect sense to the Burns family.

When people see a rooster running at them,” Holley said, “everybody’s first instinct is, ‘Oh my God, he’s going to attack me.’

But he certainly isn’t out to attack anyone. And the family does have a dog, by the way; his name is Casper, and Frog loves him, too!

Frog will jump on top of Casper,” Holley said, “and Casper will lie on top of him, like, ‘OK, what are you doing?’

Yes, this is one strange bird but in a wonderful way. Irregular he may be but he has become a truly integral member of the household. Finished Holly:

He’s a very big member of our family. Or a very small member of our family.

Frog is now a social media sensation and you can see why. Bet you’ve never seen such a strange and loyal rooster! 😀



Source: Honest to Paws

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