12 Knee-Slapping Cat Comics That Purr-fectly Capture The Life Of A Kitty Owner
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12 Knee-Slapping Cat Comics That Purr-fectly Capture The Life Of A Kitty Owner

There are some jokes only cat owners understand.

See, cat owners are a special breed of people: they love kitties, but they also know that kitties can behave very … oddly.

So, along comes UK-based artist Sarah Graley, who decides she’s going to capture what it’s like to be a cat owner.

Sarah has four cats herself – Pesto, Toby, Wilson and Pixel – and they act as her inspiration for her wildly popular “Our Super Adventure” comic series.

Now, cat lovers everywhere are laughing themselves silly at many of the inside jokes in these strips.

And in addition to the adorably touching moments, there are also wonderfully weird moments … again, only fully understood by kitty owners.

As Sarah told the Huffington Post:

It’s never boring! We both [Sarah and her fiancé] work from home, and we tend to get visited by different cats at different times of the day.

Pesto might come and hang out on the cat tree in our studio in the evening. Toby will hop on and off of Stef’s lap during the day, it’s really cute and nice!

Pesto and Wilson haven’t been getting along so well lately, but that’s likely another kitty eccentricity that will pass in time.

Sarah says the battle is endless, though, as her cats just love to chase each other around:

One of the cats will inevitably chase one of the other cats around the house. Of course, that’s definitely less cute!”

You can check out the website linked above, or Sarah’s Instagram page to read more hysterical cat comics!

Source: HuffPost

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