Poor Abused Dog Left To Die, Then Rescuers See What's Sitting Just Inches Away...
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Poor Abused Dog Left To Die, Then Rescuers See What’s Sitting Just Inches Away…

Anybody else remember the Beatles’ hit, “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends?”

The importance of having someone “by your side” is obvious if you look at a list of song titles.

Certainly, we can get through almost anything if we have someone by our side. Just knowing someone is there, that someone cares, can make all the difference.

One pair of dogs in Saint Louis recently proved to rescuers how important it is to stick by your friends.

When the team got a call that a severely injured dog had been abandoned in a local park, they quickly sent a van to pick it up.

When they arrived they found one of the dogs, that they later named Frann, lying on her side apparently unable to move.

She had obviously been the victim of some pretty serious abuse…

Her body showed signs of blunt trauma all along her back and sides.

X-rays would later show that her spine had suffered several fractures at those points.

The injuries were not consistent with that of a dog that has been hit by a car.

Someone had definitely hit Frann multiple times on purpose, with something very heavy and potentially lethal.

It was a miracle she had survived the onslaught…but perhaps what rescuers found sitting near Frann helped.

It was another dog! This one, later named Fanny, was extremely protective of her injured friend.

In fact, rescuers hypothesized that Franny had actually saved Frann’s life simply by being by her side!

The rescuers wrapped Frann in a blanket and got her into their vehicle.

Fanny followed, still keeping an eye on her fallen friend. Then she sat and watched as they whisked Frann to a vet’s office.

While in the office, amazingly, Fanny still maintained a watch on Frann.

When Frann went into surgery behind a closed door, Fanny paced the floors, obviously worried, until her friend reappeared.

Frann still couldn’t walk two weeks after her spinal surgery, but she didn’t give up. Neither did Fanny or the vets.

And eventually, with everyone’s support and some intense physical therapy, Frann took her first few halting, painful steps.

And Fanny took every one right along side her!

Sadly, having been strays and not receiving any vaccinations, Fanny contracted distemper and passed away soon after Frann started walking again.

It was as if she had fought off her own illness until she knew Frann could take care of herself…

As for Frann, she was offered up for adoption as soon as she was firmly back on her feet.

She is now happily ensconced with people who are determined to make her life so wonderful she will eventually forget all the she went through.

We know she won’t forget the pal who stood by her side, either. She knows for sure that she indeed “got by, with a little help from her friend.”

We should all be so lucky.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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