Video: Abused Pony Can Barely Walk - Then 2 Angels Give It A Lifesaving Makeover
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Video: Abused Pony Can Barely Walk – Then 2 Angels Give It A Lifesaving Makeover

Those who abuse animals have a screw loose.


Normal human beings have compassion for animals; only if you’re twisted in some way can you actually harm or neglect one of our furry friends.

It’s just shocking that so many twisted individuals exist, and how many innocent animals have to suffer.

Long story short: If you can do THIS to an adorable pony, you should be arrested.

Abused and neglected pony gets saved and loved.

Thankfully, there are plenty of good people out there who save these distressed animals, as this video proves.

The pony was so badly abused and neglected it could barely walk due to outrageously long nails on its hooves.

And that was hardly its only issue.

But watch as these two animal-loving angels get this pony back on his feet…literally.

The end result is a very happy and well cared for animal with a new home, and that’s enough to make me stand and cheer!

How about you? 🙂

Source: Imgur

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Benjamin Stephen Dutka is a journalist, writer and editor with over two decades of experience. He has worked with three newspapers and eight online publications, including the Norwich Bulletin, Hartford Courant,,, and PoiseMedia, Inc. He also won a Connecticut short story contest entitled Art as Muse, Imaginary Realms, and has a penchant for rowing, reading, video games, and Objectivism.

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