Baby Elephant Throws A Temper Tantrum...Mom's Hilarious Reaction Is So Typical
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Baby Elephant Throws A Temper Tantrum…Mom’s Hilarious Reaction Is So Typical

No parent likes a temper tantrum, but they are a part of raising a child.

All young children and even some older ones are prone to throw temper tantrums from time to time.

Most tantrums are fairly predictable.

The young one does not get what he wants, protests, and then the tantrum starts as they realize that mom is not giving in.

Most children will lie on the ground, cry, yell and pretty much do anything they can to irritate or embarrass you.

Animal children are no different as you will see in this adorable video. The baby elephant seen here is not getting what he wants.

He throws a tantrum right in the middle of the road. And what does his mom do?

The baby elephant apparently protesting his mother’s demands, plops himself down in the grass along the side of the road.

An adult elephant passes him by ignoring this behavior.

So, what does the baby do? What all children do when plan A doesn’t work. Plan B. The baby elephant throws himself into the middle of the road and starts an all out tantrum with his little legs flailing.

Another elephant soon passes by, presumably his mother.

She notices his behavior but refuses to reinforce it in any way. She calmly walks right past him.

Realizing that his antics are not yielding the desired response from this mom, the baby elephant gives up and quickly catches up to the grown ups.

Watch and see for yourself. If you are a parent, you will easily relate and applaud this elephant mama.

Source: Shareably

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