Father And Son Spot A Battered Pet Crate. They Are Horror-Struck When They Notice Strange Bite Marks
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Father And Son Spot A Battered Pet Crate. They Are Horror-Struck When They Notice Strange Bite Marks

Bret Winingar and his son, Zach, are big fans of hopping on their motorcycles and seeing where the road leads them.

They were doing just that on the roads around Little Rock, Arkansas when something peculiar caught their eye.

Bret and Zach caught sight of a pet crate that looked completely out of place in the brush on the side of the road.

So, they decided to pull over and check it out – and it’s a very good thing that they did!


As soon as they got over to the crate, they saw holes and markings that indicated two possibilities:

First, either some big predator had tried to get in…or a terrified, desperate animal had tried to get out!

To get to the bottom of the mystery, the father-son team cautiously opened the door.

And there was a petrified and abandoned pooch, who had obviously been left to starve by the side of the road.

Without giving it another thought, they sped back to the house to grab some dog food, and they quickly returned in their car.

Once the dog, who they would name Charlie Bravo, or CB for short, had its fill, they scooped her up and brought her home.

But they needed some funds if they were to take CB to the vet for an all-too-necessary checkup.

Before they knew it, however, they were overwhelmed with donations from folks who wanted to help pay the bill!

People had heard about the homeless pup’s terrible experience online and had quickly leapt to help.

Amazingly, the father and son ended up with more than enough for CB, and they proceeded to donate the excess funds to a local animal shelter.

Now THAT’S what animal lovers do!

Bret would go on to adopt CB, and she seems to be right at home with folks that love and care for her. As it should be!

And after the ordeal was over, CB turned out to be an incredibly loving pup in spite of her traumatic experience.

This dog rebounded quickly, but only thanks to the quick thinking of some kindly Good Samaritans.

Hats off to Bret and Zach for going above and beyond to change a needy pups life!

Source: Honest to Paws

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