Blind Dog Resists All Efforts To Stand Until He Gets An Inspiring New Friend
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Blind Dog Resists All Efforts To Stand Until He Gets An Inspiring New Friend

Many of us have seen a devoted dog leading the way for his blind human companion.

Some dogs are bred solely for their ability to help a disabled human get through life.

But there are times when disabled animals help each other…even when they’re not of the same species!

Here’s one of the oddest and most heartwarming cases we’ve ever seen:

It began when Judy Godfrey-Brown of Holyhead, North Wales brought a cat home to join her growing farm family.

Judy owned several cats, along with a 14-year-old blind and mostly deaf Labrador Retriever named Terfel.

He had managed to get through life pretty well with only partial hearing. His hearing loss had been apparent since he was a puppy but then, the situation got worse.

One day, vets noticed that Terfel was beginning to get cataracts in his eyes, and it wasn’t long before those beautiful eyes had clouded over into milky white.

Every day that passed took more of Terfel’s vision away.

Soon he was bumping into things when he tried to walk about in the house, and walking outside was terrifying for him.

So, Terfel had taken to just spending his days snoozing in his bed. He didn’t want to walk outdoors any more, even with Judy. The poor guy was literally sleeping his life away.

Then Judy brought home Pudditat and everything changed on the farm…

First of all, the other cats didn’t like him at all. They found him overbearing and rude and they shunned him.

He’s not very nice to the other cats,” Judy told NatGeo. “He will bully the other cats a bit into submission.

He liked life on his own. He didn’t need anybody…well, so long as Judy put enough food down every day.

Then, one day Pudditat came into the house and he met Terfel. And amazingly, he seemed to realize that Terfel needed help that his human couldn’t give him.

Pudditat “prefers Terfel to any of the other cats,” Judy said. “I think he must have known Terfel was blind because he sort of bonded with him straight away.”

Judy added, “I’ve never seen anything like it—most cats and dogs hate each other.”

From that day on, the two were inseparable. At first, they just slept together a lot.

They hung out on the couch, or on Terfel’s bed, or in a spot of sunshine on the rug. It didn’t matter, so long as they were together.

Judy even took them on rides together. Terfel enjoyed that a little more than Pudditat did, but wherever Terfel went, so there they went!

Little by little, Pudditat got Terfel up and about. First, around the house.

He walked just in front of Terfel so he didn’t bump into things. They ate together, they slept together, and now they roamed about together.

One of the happiest days of Judy’s life was one day when Terfel followed Pudditat out of the house and onto the grounds of the farm.

It was his first trip outside since he’d gone totally blind.

With Pudditat nearby to alert him to dangers, Terfel relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine and breezes.

They go outside pretty often now, but they still enjoy just cuddling on the couch. Usually, Pudditat takes the opportunity to keep him well groomed.

And Terfel doesn’t seem to mind whatever Puddytat does. So long as he doesn’t leave!

Having a friend like Pudditat has turned a dark and dreary existence for Terfel into a happy and bright life. Pretty incredible, right?

Source: Honest To Paws

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