Corgi Is Depressed After Losing All 7 Babies - An Unlikely Furry Friend Becomes Her Guiding Light
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Corgi Is Depressed After Losing All 7 Babies – An Unlikely Furry Friend Becomes Her Guiding Light

Irma, a beautiful Corgi, was pregnant and slated to give birth to 7 puppies.

But life can be cruel sometimes.

The minute Irma went into labor, her owner Johanna quickly realized something was dreadfully wrong…

Johanna rushed her beloved pet to the vet, where she learned Irma would require an emergency cesarean section.

At first, everyone thought the babies would have at least some chance of surviving. And the mother should make it, too.

But tragically, none of the pups made it. And as you might expect, poor Irma was devastated.

The grieving Corgi went home and nothing seemed to cheer her up. Johanna tried everything but the depressed pup just couldn’t get over her terrible loss.

Then Johanna got an idea:

Irma missed out on being a mom. Well, maybe if she had the chance to be a surrogate mom, she could find happiness again!

And Johanna decided to try something a little unorthodox, too…

She went out and adopted a tiny 2-week-old kitten!

The hopeful owner brought home the little tyke, hoping against hope that Irma wouldn’t mind that she’d be a “mother” to a baby of another species.

Initially, Irma was a little reluctant and somewhat confused by the baby kitty.

But it wasn’t long before the two began to form an incredible bond!


After a while, the two just couldn’t be separated; they wanted to be around each other constantly.

And these days, the once-grieving Corgi just adores the kitten, and does everything she can to make sure the little kitty is safe.

This has really brightened Irma’s spirits as well, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved! 😀

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