Huge Croc Crawls Toward Tourists Then One Tiny Fighter Charges Into Battle!
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Huge Croc Crawls Toward Tourists Then One Tiny Fighter Charges Into Battle!

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but rather the size of the fight in the dog.

That age-old pearl of wisdom carries with it a ton of truth, and this awesome little clip drives that point home.

A family was out on a tour of a property on Goat Island in Australia, and they were having a nice leisurely trip until…well, they had a very close encounter!

The property is home to a number of crocodiles, and the owner would call out for a reptile named Casey to come and join the party.

Before you knew it, Casey emerged from the water and flopped on the ground.

Having a huge croc that close must be a little unnerving but it was even more annoying for the family’s pet, a little toy dog.

The little pup didn’t take too kindly to Casey’s presence, and it proceeded to go absolutely ballistic.

The croc was well-trained and of no harm to the guests, but the pup wasn’t taking any chances, so she rushed right in!

The dog’s owner couldn’t believe what she was doing, but she couldn’t stop it, either.

The brazen pup flew at the massive reptile, totally unafraid! If Casey had wanted to, he could’ve ended the poor dog’s life in a flash.

But Casey didn’t want any trouble with the little menace.

The croc sized up the situation and responded by hightailing it back into the water.

Looks like the croc made the right call, as this little pup simply wasn’t messing around!

The next time the family goes on vacation with their little friend, they can be sure of one thing:

No matter what they face, their furry little friend will protect them…no matter how big! 😀

Source: Little Things

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