Dad Gives Baby A Duckling But Didn't Expect Such A Precious Response From Them Both
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Dad Gives Baby A Duckling But Didn’t Expect Such A Precious Response From Them Both

There are a lot of stories about unlikely friendships, especially between animals.

When they’re alone or abandoned, another caring animal will step up to try to help them.

As humans, we love our domesticated cats, potbellied pigs, and dogs, but sometimes we end up with a rather odd friend, usually when they choose us.

This is one such story, though to be honest, we think they chose each other for a lifelong buddy!

The little nine-month-old Tyler and his new pal make for the sweetest sidekicks you’ve ever seen:

The toddler’s bestie doesn’t have fur, but feathers!

Tyler’s parents went to a local Texas feed store to buy some ducks.

When they brought them home his dad brought one in to show it to him and it was love at first sight – FOR BOTH OF THEM!

The baby boy’s first word was even, you guessed it – duck.

The duck they named Beaker and Tyler became inseparable. He was even beside Tyler when he took his first steps.

Ducks like living outdoors, but apparently, Beaker is no ordinary duck and just wants to be with his best friend, so the family made some adjustments.

“I never pictured myself having a pet duck that lives inside.

But it’s amazing to see these two in action,” Tyler’s mom said.

She went on to explain that having Beaker waddling around the house is no different than having a dog or cat, and he’s as sweet and social as any domestic pet.

They just have to do one thing to keep the house clean because ducks can’t be potty trained.

Beaker sleeps inside and wears a diaper during the day, but that’s the only difference.

This is definitely cuteness overload!

Source: Inspire More

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