The Security Dog Sniffed This Blue Shipping Tote and Just Went Nuts
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The Security Dog Sniffed This Blue Shipping Tote and Just Went Nuts

Express mail can be a lifesaver when something absolutely, positively has to get to its destination ASAP.

However, serious problems can arise when the thing that’s being shipped is living and breathing – especially when it’s not designated as live cargo.

That was the bizarre situation federal police of Mexico found on their plate when a strange express mail package was discovered.

The blue container was being sent from the western Mexico state of Jalisco to an address in Santiago de Querétaro.

A K-9 officer sensed that something was amiss with the package, and that naturally piqued the interest of inspectors.

They decided to check out the contents of the package and when they opened it, their jaws hit the floor. Could this be possible…?

Inside of the tote was a Bengal tiger cub!

Yes, seriously.

Whoever sent the two-month-old cub out for delivery neglected to include any food or water. At least they poked some holes for air and included newspaper for padding.

Thankfully, the cub seemed to be alright with the exception of being a little dehydrated.

Even so, who would package up a tiger cub and send it via mail?

Maybe there’s no good answer to that question. Maybe we just have to concern ourselves with the welfare of the animal in question.

And at least on that front, there’s good news.

The beautiful cub is now being cared for by the natural resources department, and investigators note that they are still trying to get to the bottom of this bizarre case.

While it’s awesome that the cub is fine after its ordeal, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the perpetrators are brought to justice!

Source: Little Things

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