Bayla Waits Anxiously By The Door – Owner Comes Home With Mystery Guest, And Puppy Goes Nutty
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Bayla Waits Anxiously By The Door – Owner Comes Home With Mystery Guest, And Puppy Goes Nutty

Dogs are awfully expressive creatures.

You always know how they’re feeling and they’re never afraid of being emotional. That goes double when they’re excited and happy!

Take Bayla, for example. She lives a contented life with her loving family, and she adores everyone in the house.

Of course, not everyone in the family is always around, and pets feel the pain of separation just as keenly as humans.

So, when the two brothers in the home moved out, Bayla was clearly upset. She missed that part of the family the same way the human parents did.

Nowadays, she only gets to see the brothers rarely, whenever they have time to visit.

But those events are too few and far between for Bayla’s liking, which is why she often waits anxiously at the door if she senses they might be coming…

One day, Bayla was indeed waiting by the door but she wasn’t sure yet who might arrive … it was a mystery to the anxious pup until she finally spotted the guest.

Or in this case, guests! Yes, both brothers were coming home to visit!

And that’s when the joyous pooch went absolutely bonkers with glee. The video is just glorious. 🙂

She launched herself straight up toward the ceiling, leaping a good four feet in the air, just ecstatic that the family would be whole again!

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