Frantic Pup Begs For Help In The Road - Cop Follows Him To Nearby Porch And Calls 911
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Frantic Pup Begs For Help In The Road – Cop Follows Him To Nearby Porch And Calls 911

They say dogs are man’s best friend, and there’s a reason for that.

Every time we turn around, our four-legged furry friends are doing something amazing to help us.

How many lives have been saved by dogs over the years?

For that, and in addition to being the most loyal companions on earth, they deserve our utmost love and respect, don’t they?

Officer Jeff Gonzalez knows this better than most, after a hectic day back in 2015 that he’ll never forget.

It was a particularly cold morning in the quiet neighborhood of Autumn Ridge, Wisconsin, and Officer Gonzalez was expecting a relatively uneventful day.

But then he saw a black Labrador pacing back and forth on the sidewalk; the animal was clearly upset and looking around for help.

The officer slowed his patrol car near the dog and the pup noticed him, and started to bark. And when Officer Gonzalez stopped and got out of the car, the dog began barking.

Obviously, something was wrong.

The cop came forward and the distressed pooch immediately took off; he wanted the officer to follow him!

Gonzalez did and the dog led him to a nearby house and there on the porch, the officer saw what was making the dog so frantic:

There was a woman slumped over a chair on her front porch, and she was just barely breathing. Said Gonzalez:

I thought she was dead. And when I went up, she was very cold to the touch. Her lips were blue.

But she wasn’t dead; Officer Gonzalez found a pulse and then quickly ran back to his patrol car to call for help.

The frigid temperatures weren’t doing the poor woman any favors, so he knew everyone had to act fast to get her to safety.

As they rushed to care for the severely ailing woman, they identified her: her name was Krystal Wendt. With that information, the contacted her daughter, Tianne, who raced to the hospital to see her mother.

And it was Krystal’s dog – John Boy – who had started the whole rescue operation by getting the attention of Officer Gonzalez. And John Boy was at the hospital, too!

Amazingly enough, even after having been exposed to terribly cold conditions for over an hour, Krystal regained consciousness.

Tianne was so thankful, and wasn’t at all surprised that John Boy had been her mother’s savior.

He’s very protective of my mom,” she said.

And of course, Officer Gonzalez earned a big hug for his efforts as well, and rightfully so. Some people, even cops, wouldn’t have bothered much with a dog.

But again, dogs are man’s best friend for a reason, and Gonzalez didn’t ignore that. And because of this, he – and John Boy – saved a life that cold winter day! 🙂


Source: Honest to Paws

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