Terrified Dog Howls For 9 Days In A Parking Lot... When You Hear Why, Your Heart Will Break
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Terrified Dog Howls For 9 Days In A Parking Lot… When You Hear Why, Your Heart Will Break

Dogs in pain sometimes act irrationally.

The pain they’re experiencing is not something they can easily relay to humans trying to help them.

Physical injuries might be easier to recognize, but some dogs suffer – like humans – emotional injuries they just can’t express.

Mary Murphy had to set aside her frustrations trying to help a dog whose madding howls erupted from a shopping center parking lot in Memphis, Tennessee.

Reports show the dog had been in the parking lot for nine days, howling and begging for scraps of food.

Any attempts to approach the dog sent it bolting for cover. Yet, it continued to return and howl, as if it was in desperate need of help.

Murphy was patient, and decided on a somewhat odd course of rescue:

She parked herself in a lawn chair with a book and her own dog in the middle of the parking lot.

Then the waiting game was on…

Murphy had to exercise great patience, because it took 3 ½ days for the pained pooch to approach her.

But in the end, she finally gained the dog’s trust.

Murphy took the dog to Arrow Dog Rescue to be examined, and the veterinarian gave the dog a strong bill of health.

After days outside with little food and water, the howling pooch was deemed in surprisingly good physical condition.

Everyone involved came to the same conclusion – the howling dog was in pain because someone drove her to the parking lot, dumped her and drove away.

She was alone, suffering and had no one to trust.

Arrow Dog Rescue posted to social media the story of Murphy and the howling dog.

Response was overwhelming with many offers to take the dog right away.

Staff decided the best path for the dog was a foster family short term and research any potential forever families to ensure a good fit.

It didn’t take long for everyone to realize the howling dog was a great pet.

Just a few weeks after foraging alone in a parking lot, the dog had a new family and a new name – Crooner.

Crooner is a great example of how dogs, or any pets, need proper care, patience and understanding.

THANK YOU MARY! What a perfect example of someone giving their time to help an animal in need.

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Source: Honest To Paws

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