Dog Suddenly Runs In Front Of Racer's Car...The Driver's Split-Second Decision Leaves The Crowd Speechless
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Dog Suddenly Runs In Front Of Racer’s Car…The Driver’s Split-Second Decision Leaves The Crowd Speechless

Athletes have little time to make decisions that will alter their lives forever.

And sometimes, the lives of others as well.

Unfortunately, some athletes also have a “get the win at all costs” mentality, which can prove dangerous.

This is exactly the sort of mentality that could’ve cost a dog its life but thankfully, the athlete in question was a compassionate soul.

It was indeed a split-second decision and all animal lovers will agree it was the right one:

Rally racer Carlos Matos was screaming around a turn in the Constalica Rallye Vouzela competition last month.

It was his second pass through a turn in the roadway and he was pushing hard with a 90 mph, medal-contention pace.

But in a flash his path to victory fell apart when a dog wandered onto the roadway in front of him.

Without thinking, Matos whipped the wheel of his Ford Fiesta R5 and sent his car into a sliding stop, and left his car facing the wrong way on the track.

His split-second decision saved the dog which quickly ran away.

Matos, not one to stop racing, slammed his car into gear and ripped off a fast U-turn in an effort to get back on track and make up time.

Despite his effort, saving the dog’s life added seconds to his race time and ended up costing him any chance at winning the race.

But Matos, who hails from São Pedro do Sul, Portugal, wouldn’t change his decision to save the dog no matter what it cost him in the racing world.

Those who know me know that I have a great admiration for animals,” the driver told race officials.

“I have five dogs in my house, and there is one that, at night, does not lie down until I arrive.

“If the episode were repeated today, I would do exactly the same thing,” he stated.

Matos made a winning decision in that race that changed two worlds – his and that of a fortunate stray dog.

Okay, so he didn’t win the race.

However, we all know there were TWO winners that day, thanks to Matos championing a mentality all athletes should follow.

Source: Good News Network

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