Sweet Bundle Of Joy Finally Arrives After Dogs Snuggle Mom's Stomach During Pregnancy
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Sweet Bundle Of Joy Finally Arrives After Dogs Snuggle Mom’s Stomach During Pregnancy

All dogs are awesome but some are just absolutely amazing.

We know some breeds are better to have around babies…but what about babies who aren’t even born yet?

Well, if you’re part of a family-in-the-making, you might want to consider Weimaraners.

After seeing how they react to a human baby, both pre-birth and post-birth, you’ll be convinced that such animals are perfect to have around!

See, these two beautiful dogs, Brego and Nami, noticed when their female owner started to get bigger around the middle.

Cats sure as heck wouldn’t notice and many dogs probably wouldn’t care, either, but Brego and Nami certainly did.

In fact, it seemed plain as day that they knew what was coming…

As evidenced by these pictures, the Weimaraners were always interested in the baby inside the mother-to-be, which must’ve seemed a little odd…even for a dog lover.

But how would these two caring dogs react when the baby was finally born?

Oh, you just won’t believe it.

They turned out to be the most caring, doting pets anyone could hope for. This baby has two playmates and protectors, right out of the gate!

They sleep together, watch TV together; maybe they even eat together.

Either way, the dogs and the new baby are totally inseparable now, so maybe it means something if the dogs take a very serious interest in a pregnant woman.

Of course, you can never predict how an animal will react to the real deal when it arrives, but this was a grand slam!

And the result couldn’t possibly be more adorable. 😉

Source: I Heart Dogs

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