Poor Dovey Refuses To Eat, Then A Vet X-Rays Dog's Stomach And His Eyes Pop!
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Poor Dovey Refuses To Eat, Then A Vet X-Rays Dog’s Stomach And His Eyes Pop!

Dogs and humans differ on what they consider “edible.”

Humans tend to stick to meats, vegetables, grains and dairy products for our meals.

Our treats run along the cookies, candy, cakes and pies line, with the occasional ice cream cone.

Dogs, on the other hand, are always on the lookout for tasty treats that we humans see as nasty garbage.

Dead animals, spoiled food, and even poop are included in the list of delicacies that might tempt a dog’s palate.

Luckily, dogs have a different digestive system than we humans have, and they usually don’t have any problems stemming from their bizarre diet.

Sometimes though, a dog will show up at the vet’s with a stomach ache due to something out of the ordinary the pup has ingested.

For example, Dovey is a four-year-old Sharpei who loves to eat things that aren’t good for her.

Her parents try to keep everything harmful out of her reach, but Dovey is pretty crafty when it comes to sussing out something fun or tasty to put in her mouth.

One day Dovey refused to eat her supper, so her parents knew that something was terribly wrong.

When she was still refusing food the next morning, they took her to their veterinarian.

He had been Dovey’s “puppy-a-trician” for years, so he recognized her symptoms immediately and suspected she’d eaten something that had upset her tummy.

Weighing her showed that she’d lost a lot of weight in a very short time, and her stomach was sensitive to touch.

X-rays showed that something was definitely in her gut that shouldn’t be there, but they couldn’t tell exactly what…

Dovey’s dad was discussing what a food thief Dovey was, and happened to mention that his mom had even caught Dovey getting the baby’s pacifier off the counter.

That’s when a bell went off in the veterinarian’s brain.

He asked if they were missing any pacifiers and Dovey’s dad pondered, then said, yes, his wife had mentioned that actually.

The vet smiled. The pacifiers weren’t missing…Dovey knew exactly where they were!

With everyone’s fingers crossed for a good prognosis, Dovey was rushed into surgery. When the surgery was over, they couldn’t believe their eyes!

They were shown what had been removed from their dog’s stomach: Not just a pacifier. Not even just a half dozen pacifiers.

Twenty-one pacifiers or parts of pacifiers had been found inside Miss Dovey!

This is a great reminder for all of us that truly, dogs will eat anything that tastes good to them. Furthermore:

Always keep anything that’s been in the baby’s mouth (and thus would taste like milk) well out of your dog’s reach.

And, if your dog normally has a good appetite, head for the vet at the first sign that they aren’t interested in food.

It could save their life! Fast thinking saved Dovey’s life and soon she will go back home with her family to start her scavenging habits again.

We’re betting she may find it’s a little harder to find treats in the future, though. 😉

Source: I Heart Dogs

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