Druggies Savagely Abuse Poor Stray, Woman Sees It, Quickly Reaches Into Her Purse
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Druggies Savagely Abuse Poor Stray, Woman Sees It, Quickly Reaches Into Her Purse

There are some pets out there that exist in absolutely unfathomable conditions.

While that’s an uncomfortable thought to process, it’s also an unfortunate reality. Some people are just plain cruel.

So what can we do to really make a difference for our four-legged friends in need?

For starters, we can act when we came across one of these sad situations.

That’s exactly what Chloe Cullen of West Yorkshire, England did.

In her travels, Chloe would come across a Staffordshire bull terrier that was in rough shape and it wasn’t his fault.

The poor abused dog was stuck with a group of riffraff, and they were using the pup as a prop to beg.

It was quite clear that the group was into drugs and other unseemly behavior, and the pup was worse for the wear as a result. He was obviously suffering!

Disturbingly, the dog’s face and legs were covered with needle marks…it seems the druggies were using him as their own personal pincushion.

Chloe just knew she had to act, so she promptly went up to the group and offered them cash to take the dog off of their hands.

The group gladly complied, and Chloe suddenly had a new four-legged friend named Bonnie to tend to!

Chloe would go on to share the sad tale on social media, and she was completely stunned when it blew up and went viral.

I didn’t expect it to blow up like it did.

Bonnie isn’t an object to be used like her previous life…I love her with all my heart,” she said.

Kudos to Chloe for stepping up to the plate!

Because of her efforts, there’s one less pet that has to exist in horrifying circumstances, and one more pet who gets to live in a warm, loving home. 😀

Source: Animals Being Cute

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