Frantic Pooch Gets An Officer's Attention. The Cop Follows Him To A Staggering Discovery
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Frantic Pooch Gets An Officer’s Attention. The Cop Follows Him To A Staggering Discovery

The amazing capabilities of trained police dogs have been well-documented, but there’s plenty of pooches out there that haven’t gone through the rigors of K-9 training that are no slouches either.

This amazing German Shepherd falls into that category, as he knew exactly what to do when trouble broke out.

Ben Heinrichs from Caswell Lakes in Alaska was doing some vehicle maintenance in a shop outside of his family’s home.

A spark from a heater led to a fire, and it quickly got out of hand.

Heinrichs himself caught on fire, but he was able to extinguish himself in the snow.

His trusted companion Buddy was right there by his side, and Ben remarked that they needed to get some help.

That was all he needed to say, as Buddy set out to make that happen.

The pooch set off down the road and ran into an Alaskan State trooper.

As luck would have it, the officer was responding to a call about the fire, but he couldn’t find the place because his GPS had frozen.

Buddy was on the case, and he led the officer back to the home. The dog took off like a shot once he got the officers attention, but he kept looking back to make sure he was still following him.  

The officer was absolutely following his lead, and the dog’s amazing actions led to the fire finally being extinguished.

Buddy would later be rewarded for his good deeds with a metal bowl that featured his name and the troopers’ logo.

Source: Inspired

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