He Hears A Desperate Crying, And Finds A Tiny Surprise Hidden In The Most Unlikely Spot
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He Hears A Desperate Crying, And Finds A Tiny Surprise Hidden In The Most Unlikely Spot

Earlier this year, Ricardo Sardinha was tending to his duties at the grocery store that he works at in Guarulhos, Brazil.

Sardinha heard what he thought was the cry of a baby, and he went outside to make sure everything was alright.

But he looked high and low but couldn’t get to the bottom of the distinct sound.

Sardinha kept hearing it, though, and he soon realized it was no baby…at least, not a human baby.


The sound was emanating from a kitten, but he couldn’t tell exactly where the tiny kitty was.

Then he remembered that the store next door was being renovated, and he went on over and checked it out.

Sure enough, an adorable little kitten had somehow gotten itself stuck INSIDE the new facade that was facing the street!

Sardinha quickly got to work with an unexpected rescue mission, as the kitten was stuck behind a wooden plank.

Kitty was free soon thereafter – and awfully grateful, too!

The man made his way down the ladder with his new charge, but his good deeds weren’t done for the day.

After all, the poor little thing was obviously homeless and needed love and attention.

So, the proud owner of three cats decided that he and his family had room for one more.

Isn’t it great that a cat lover happened to stumble across a little feline in need? Talk about meant to be!

The growing family quickly adopted the kitten and decided to name him Angelino.    

Based on these adorable pics, it looks like Angelino is making himself right at home!

Kudos to Ricardo for playing hero to the trapped kitty, and congrats on the expansion of his feline family.

It certainly looks like everyone involved will benefit from all the TLC going around that house!

Source: Pawpulous

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