Poor Jaxon Loses His Ultra-Rare Toy And The Entire Internet Starts Looking For It
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Poor Jaxon Loses His Ultra-Rare Toy And The Entire Internet Starts Looking For It

Most dogs have a favorite toy, just like a little kid does.

Jaxon is no different. The 12-year-old pup has a green dragon, appropriately named Greenie by his family, that he takes everywhere.

The two are just inseparable; Greenie is Jaxon’s very best friend!

But recently, Jaxon’s human mom, Kelli, took to Facebook to ask if anyone knew of where she could get a new one.

Why? Well, sadly, the manufacturer stopped making Jaxon’s beloved green dragon and the one he has now is worn out.

She even reached out to Petsmart hoping there may be one on one of their shelves.

She was hoping for a lead, but she never expected the overwhelming response that she got! And not from Petsmart, either…

People started sharing her request and then fellow animal lovers quickly began sending her pictures of replacements for Greenie.

Everyone really wanted to help poor Jaxon out!

However, even though Kelli appreciated the warm gestures, she knew they just wouldn’t work.

She explained:

We’ve tried other green toys over the years, he won’t have anything to do with them.

She said Jaxon is a picky weirdo (albeit a cute one). And there’s only one stuffed green dragon for him!

Her plea finally made it to a popular Facebook group, and then it made it to Petsmart from there.

Amazingly, employees around the country went to work to try to hunt down Greenies in their stores.

And guess what?

This week, Jaxon received a special delivery…not one, but EIGHT green dragons in the mail! It even had a special card for Jaxon.

Now Jaxon is in Greenie heaven!

Never underestimate the power of social media!

That’s one happy pup! 🙂

Source: I Heart Dogs

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