Judge Learns That Poor Abused Rocky Is About To Die, Quickly Reaches For The Phone
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Judge Learns That Poor Abused Rocky Is About To Die, Quickly Reaches For The Phone

For dog lovers, it’s incredibly upsetting to come across a pooch in peril.

Melanie Andress-Tobiasson, a judge in Las Vegas, came across one of those situations, and she just knew she had to do something.

She proceeded to go above and beyond to do whatever she could to get the pup in question the care it so desperately needed.

While scrolling through social media, she came across a post from her cousin, Carrie Cressy.

Carrie had found a stray Boxer that was in rough shape, and she didn’t hesitate to take the dog in.

She named the pup Rocky, and she proceeded to share a post about how Rocky was in seriously rough shape.

The poor dog was so emaciated that its ribs were sticking out, and Carrie was worried that he would die without some help.

Melanie leapt into action from that point, and she got Rocky over to a nearby Animal Hospital.

What’s more, she personally covered the $3,000 bill to get Rocky the care that he needed!

Her kind act was revealed and captured a ton of attention from the local media, but she’s defraying all credit and just hoping for a full recovery for her new friend.  

“I’m uncomfortable with this just because I don’t do this for the acknowledgment and so I was a little uncomfortable about even doing the interview,” Melanie told KTNV.

But this is something I would do if it was just me on the side of the road.

I did it because I knew that without somebody to pay for the medical treatment, this dog was going to be euthanized.

Rocky is still in the hospital and on the mend, and Melanie is hoping to help find him a forever home once he’s sprung free.

As for why she did what she did, Melanie has a really simple answer for that.

“He was so sweet and so gentle that I thought he deserved a chance,” she said.

Kudos to Melanie and Carrie for giving Rocky a fighting chance, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that he finds his forever home before too long!

Source: Little Things

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