Kai Is Blind And Starving, And His Owner Says He Refuses To Eat. Then Rescuers Uncover The Truth...
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Kai Is Blind And Starving, And His Owner Says He Refuses To Eat. Then Rescuers Uncover The Truth…

Abuse is never pretty.

But it’s even more heinous when the owner in question lies about the situation.

That’s exactly what happened to a poor dog named Kai, who was thankfully rescued in the nick of time.

Kai was blind, deaf, and clearly starving to death, but despite the animal’s obvious hardships, he was still treated like dirt.

The owners wouldn’t allow him inside the house at all and Kai just kept wasting away in the backyard.

Some concerned citizens alerted rescuers but Kai’s owners were able to produce old photos showing a very cheerful-looking pup. What was going on?

Well, something must’ve happened because that very same owner, who said Kai simply refused to eat, was lying through his teeth.

When Animal Rescue North West – S.N.A.R.R. came into the picture, they found a suffering dog covered with pressure wounds and clearly in need of medical attention. And food.

And what happened when they tried to feed Kai?

Oh, he ate it all immediately.

He scarfed it down just like any animal would that was in desperate need of sustenance.

Watch here:

So, it was clear the owner wasn’t telling the truth and rescuers were able to remove Kai from such a dangerous and abuse home.

Now, the dog is on the mend and doing well; though it may take time to recover physically and mentally from his ordeal, he should be able to bounce back.

And here’s hoping that wherever he goes next, he will be treated with love and respect!

Thank you so much to all you animal rescue centers out there doing such amazing work.

Source: Doggies Care

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