Dying Kitten Lies Lifeless Until Crow Suddenly Swoops Down And Grabs Him
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Dying Kitten Lies Lifeless Until Crow Suddenly Swoops Down And Grabs Him

One morning, the Collitos saw something in their yard that was so small, at first they thought it was a dead rat.

The elderly couple then noticed its fur was black and white and decided to go outside to investigate. They didn’t get a chance to, though.

While still looking out their window, they took note of another animal close by, and it was closely watching the little creature by the fence. It was a crow.

Knowing there was no way they could get outside before the crow got to it they just kept watching, hoping that the crow didn’t scoop it up and fly away with its prey.

But it did swoop in; it grabbed the little animal that they could now see was a kitten…and it was still alive!

They were horrified for a moment and then something unbelievable happened: the crow sat the little cat on the ground and it sat up.

The bird stood beside the kitten and cawed as if it was warning other animals to leave the puny cat alone.

Then it started hunting for worms and unbelievably, turned around and fed the little kitten!

As the cat became stronger and began running around, the crow even cawed at it to keep it from running in the street. Talk about incredible!

The Callitos eventually coaxed the kitten inside with cat food and named her Cassie. But her friendship with her feathered friend didn’t end there.

Each morning, they let Cassie out to play with the crow. This is unbelievable, right?

Just watch!

Source: Happiest

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