Frantic Labrador Begs Cop To Follow Him...Seconds Later, Both Are Instant Heroes!
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Frantic Labrador Begs Cop To Follow Him…Seconds Later, Both Are Instant Heroes!

For Officer Jeff Gonzalez, it was just like any other day on the job.

He was patrolling through Germantown, Wisconsin, a mostly peaceful place, where crime isn’t necessarily a big problem.

But just when Gonzalez was starting to get a big bored, something odd caught his attention along County Line Road…

Nothing “explosive” or dangerous, per se…just something odd. Whatever it was, it was strange enough to make Gonzalez perk up and take a closer look.

And what did he find?

A lone black dog alongside the road, barking and darting about frantically, as if he was trying to tell the police officer something. In fact, he was trying to get anybody’s attention!

But there wasn’t anyone around to listen and Officer Gonzalez figured the dog needed urgent assistance, so the cop pulled over and stepped out of his cruiser.

That’s when the dog, whose name was John Boy, increased his antics and started bouncing away from the officer, as if to say, “Follow me, follow me!”

And so, the increasingly curious officer did exactly that: He followed the agitated pooch up to the front porch of a house.

And that’s when the policeman realized that John Boy was a real-life Lassie…and he was facing a real emergency!

John Boy’s owner was sitting in a chair, slumped over and unresponsive.

Gonzalez believes the woman had been in the chair for almost an hour with temperatures hovering about 3 degrees.

To be honest with you, I thought she was dead,” Gonzalez told a local TV station.

“And when I went up, she was very cold to the touch; her lips were blue.

But I was able to determine she was breathing and had a pulse.

I called for assistance, and my partner was close. So together we got her in the house.

Sitting idle for an extended time in such cold temperatures can kill a person, so this woman was VERY fortunate she was found!

Doctors at the emergency room discovered the woman had a heart condition, but said she would be fine after the close call.

Her daughter, Tianne Wendt, burst into tears after finding out what happened.

It was a miracle,” said Tianne. “My mom had two angels save her that day.

One of those angels is John Boy; the Labrador Retriever is in fact a rescue dog!

Surprisingly, John Boy had struggled to find a proper home. Three other people owned him and didn’t stick before he found his forever home.

Oh, he found it all right, and he repaid the favor!

As for officer Gonzalez, he is appropriately being heralded as a hero for his efforts to save the woman.

However, he quickly brushes off such praise and says John Boy deserves the credit for his determination and loyalty.

The angels sent to save the day here prove regular people, and loving and faithful pets, can be a blessing to those in need!

Source: Animals Being Cute

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