It Looks All Over For This Wiener Dog, But This Lion Has Something In Mind No One Expected
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It Looks All Over For This Wiener Dog, But This Lion Has Something In Mind No One Expected

Who’s the king of the jungle? A lion.

Who’s the king of the paddock where the lion “Bonedigger” lives? Not the lion.

Bonedigger paces his paddock at the Greater Wynnewood Animal Park in Oklahoma where the massive cat calls home.


Bonedigger likes his space and he doesn’t want any outsiders messing with his dominion. He has the roar, the claws and the teeth to ward off any trespassers.

Unless, of course, you are a pint-sized canine of the wiener dog variety. Far from making a meal out of the tiny dogs, they are his best friends!

Bonedigger was housed at the park at a young age where he was introduced to four dachshunds when they were all just a few weeks old.

The king cat took to the smaller of the dachshunds, Abby. While Bonedigger bonded with all the dogs, he was partial to Abby.

This new “pride” grew up together, proving that opposites in the animal kingdom can live together.

It’s a bond that has impressed the animal caretakers and park visitors.

Now the lion is fully grown and any one of the dogs would be gone in one gulp from the apex predator.

But that’s not life in this jungle.

The dachshunds have full run of the lion’s paddock.

“Believe it or not, I think the weenie dogs overpower him,” Bonedigger’s caretaker told the media. “One minute they’ll be running around the house chasing him, and then the next minute he’s chasing them – so they reverse roles.”

Abby especially has her way.

John Reikene, interactive zoo manager at the park, marvels at the bond between Bonedigger and Abby.

“I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything like this bond,” he said in a media interview. “They’re always just loving on each other.”

“Bonedigger gets along with all four of the wiener dogs,” one park employee said. “But Abby gets away with a lot more.”

Abby and crew can be seen playing and romping together in the pen with Bonedigger.

It’s a quirky, hilarious sight to see as the little dogs race about while the lion treats them as just a member of his pride.

Bonedigger is so loving and protective of his dog pals that he even nips at the dogs’ fleas when lounging together.

But don’t let the cuteness of the serene scene cause you to lose your clarity.

Bonedigger only accepts his canine companions and his caretaker.

Anyone else who disturbs his dominion is fair game.

That’s Bonedigger’s law of his jungle.

Source: Honest To Paws

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