Mama Orangutan Runs At Steve Irwin - The Deciding Moments After He Remembered For Life
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Mama Orangutan Runs At Steve Irwin – The Deciding Moments After He Remembered For Life

Oh my gosh…

The world didn’t deserve someone as wholesome and loving as Steve Irwin.

I was sad for weeks after he passed away! What a wholesome person that had so much love for animals.

When I watch some of these old videos, it’s just so clear to see the respect he had for these beautiful creatures.

Usually he’s just excited. And I love that!

But this time, you can hear in his voice just how touched he was by this moment.

It’s so amazing!

For those of you who don’t know, any type of primate usually has very great strength.

When they have babies around…watch out.

Motherly instincts of protection are some of the strongest in the world. If they sense you are a threat to them or their babies, there is no stopping the primal rage that would tear through the jungle in your direction until you were either dead or far, far away.

Steve is so cautious because this mother has her newborn with her, and that could mean serious trouble for him. If she doesn’t like him, she could kill him in a matter of seconds. They really are that strong!

She approaches, and seems to comfortable with him.

It’s like she could sense that he meant her absolutely no harm.

To see this moment, and how Steve reacts….

Wow. That’s all I can say!

What an amazing moment we get to witness over and over.

I’ve seen a lot of Steve Irwin videos, but I had never seen this one before and boy am I glad I did. I can’t stop sharing this on my Facebook its just so touching. The world could use some wholesome love right now.

Watch the video and experience the emotion between them.

What an amazing video!

Look at the way he snuggles in with her at the end and has Steve on one side and her baby on the other. She feels so comfortable around him when her guard would normally be on high alert. Animals have such a sixth sense!

Perhaps its because she realized that she and Steve aren’t so different after all. That even though he is a human and she is an orangutan, they actually have a lot in common.


I loved this part.

Source: Youtube

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