Petrified Mamma Dog Refuses To Touch Any Food...Rescuers Learn Why, And Burst Into Tears
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Petrified Mamma Dog Refuses To Touch Any Food…Rescuers Learn Why, And Burst Into Tears

There’s nothing like being a mother.

Being a mother means putting the needs of your babies before your own, and loving them no matter what.

Being a mother means risking it all for the sake of your sons and daughters, no matter how dangerous the situation.

Any good mother, human or animal, knows this to be true. Take this as a perfect example of maternal love:

A bunch of kids were playing near a construction site when they discovered six very tiny puppies.

They weren’t more than a day or two old and they were huddled together for warmth. There was no parent in sight, either.

The children wanted to help so they brought them home, but their parents realized the ailing puppies needed instant help.

That’s when they called Hope for Paws and when the team arrived, they went back to the construction site to see if they could find the mother.

Amazingly, they did.

The poor mamma emerged, scared and starving, and the rescuers tried to give her some food. Obviously, she was very hungry.

But she wouldn’t touch a morsel of the offered food.

And when the rescuers decided to bring her in, she growled when they put a leash around her neck. Though she was alone and starving, she didn’t want to leave!

That’s when the team realized what had to be done:

They had to show mamma that her babies were safe.

They brought the terrified dog over to her puppies and everything changed instantly! As soon as she saw her babies, the mother quickly became friendly.

And yes, she started to eat like crazy!

After that, the rescuers brought the reunited canine family to the vet, so everyone could get a thorough checkup.

Thankfully, all the little pups were healthy, as was the mamma, despite being somewhat malnourished.

The mother received the beautiful name of Navalina and her puppies were named: Valencia, Bergamot, Ponderosa, Satsuma, Mandarin and Clementine.

The names aptly fit as the brood turned out to be some of the sweetest pups ever!

Now, three weeks later, Navalina and her puppies are all safe and sound in foster care.

The puppies are getting bigger, and fluffier, every single day, and before long they’ll all be up for adoption. …you know you want one, too!

Navalina, once angry, hungry and lashing out, proved to be a protective, loving mom and a sweetheart to anyone who meets her.

THAT’S a good mother!

Source: The Dodo

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