Man Peeks Under His Bed, Spots A Stray Cat And Four Kittens, And Has The Best Reaction
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Man Peeks Under His Bed, Spots A Stray Cat And Four Kittens, And Has The Best Reaction

When Paris Zarcilla, a UK-based filmmaker, got up one morning, he didn’t know his life would change forever.

But animals have a way of surprising us, especially when we least expect to encounter a furry friend!

Paris had stepped into his room to snag a sweater, and that’s when he thought he heard a noise coming from under his bed.

He got down on all fours and peered beneath the bed, and he couldn’t believe his eyes:

There was a mamma cat and four newborn kittens!

But the incredible part is that Paris wasn’t a pet owner; the mamma was a stray and somehow, she had found her way into Paris’ home and given birth in a nice cozy spot.

The stunned filmmaker wasn’t sure how it happened but he immediately felt something he’d never experienced before:

A wave of parental responsibility.

Paris shared his consternation and new emotions on Twitter, and this resulted in a series of adorable updates that are absolutely inspiring in every way.

This man knew exactly what he was going to do the instant he saw the little furry family, and it didn’t involve shelters or calling around to see if anyone wanted a cat and four kittens.

Nope, Paris instantly committed himself to becoming their caretaker, though he does intend to take the mamma cat to the vet to see if she has a microchip.

If she doesn’t, he’s perfectly willing to be the little family’s permanent protector. And you know, he doesn’t view it as a chore or a burden.

Rather, he sees it as the perfect opportunity to do something amazing for a four-legged friend and as he said on Twitter, “I am so ready to be a dad right now.”

This is what good people do when innocent creatures cross their path:

They assume responsibility and make sure the animal is cared for.

So Paris Zarcilla gets three huge cheers for his efforts! 😀

Source: The Dodo

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