Man Spots Tiny Animal About To Drown In A Flood - Seconds Later, He's An Internet Sensation
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Man Spots Tiny Animal About To Drown In A Flood – Seconds Later, He’s An Internet Sensation

Major floods are a huge threat to everyone, even humans.

But they’re even more dangerous to tiny fragile animals, especially those that aren’t big fans of water to begin with.

Sometimes, one of our furry friends gets caught in a terrible situation and before they realize it, they’re running out of time.

If they have any hope of emerging unscathed (if a little damp), they’re going to have to rely on some help…maybe in the form of a kind-hearted man.

A little while ago, torrential rains in Tallinn, Estonia caused some severe flooding in town and while it wasn’t catastrophic, it was certainly causing a problem.

People had to forge their way through several feet of water, and it was slow-going with vehicles as well.

That’s when a guy noticed a trembling, terrified little creature cowering near a building.

It was soaked and unable to move; in another few minutes, it would be swallowed up by the rising floodwaters!

The Good Samaritan didn’t think twice:

He quickly hopped through the water and scooped up the petrified, soaking wet little thing, and then scampered back to safety.

What was it?

Why, a helpless little kitten, of course, and you’ll be shocked to just just how tiny he was!

He would’ve had absolutely no shot if it hadn’t been for the Good Samaritan…maybe that big-hearted guy has a new pet now!

Source: Honest to Paws

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