Mom Spots Adorable Dachshund...Then Her Daughter Sees What It Really Is, And Bursts Into Laughter
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Mom Spots Adorable Dachshund…Then Her Daughter Sees What It Really Is, And Bursts Into Laughter

You gotta love a family member who pulls a “Mr. Magoo” in public.

It’s the situation where the lovable person mistakes an odd object for something cute, but the object of their affection isn’t really there.

Case in point:

Hannah Murphy was dining with her mom at a lovely outdoor patio bistro when her mom started giggling.

Not the giggle and stop scenario, but all-out giggling like a child who discovered something hilarious in her universe.

Murphy was perplexed as her mom explained between the giggling.

“Take a look at that adorable dachshund,” Murphy’s mom explained as she pointed across the patio.

Her mom pointed at a brown object scrunched against the leg of a chair where a woman sat at a nearby table.

Murphy eyed the “cute” thing, and suddenly burst into laughter.

Not because the “dog” was cute, but because her mom was so gleefully mistaken.

“She was looking at a purse,” Murphy said matter-of-factly in a social media post.

Her mom was giggling at a cute “pup,” when, in fact, it was just a lumpy, brown purse mashed against the chair leg:

The mother-daughter duo had a great time laughing over the mistaken “cuteness.”

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of a cute pup and what this mom really saw:

Murphy’s mom might want to keep her eyeglasses handy.

Her spectacles may keep her from pulling a real “Mr. Magoo” and petting something other than a purse – something that might bite.

Source: iHeart Dogs

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