After Months Apart, Dog Spots Owner At The Airport...His Shocking Reaction Instantly Goes Viral
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After Months Apart, Dog Spots Owner At The Airport…His Shocking Reaction Instantly Goes Viral

There are always plenty of great meetings and reunions at an airport.

Loved ones greeting loved ones is par for the course, and hugging a friend or family member is the perfect tonic for the weary traveler.

And though we don’t see it as often, reunions between pets and their owners can be just as touching.

…or, in some rare cases, absolutely stunning.

This beautiful dog was brought to the airport to meet his owner, who’d been absent for over two long months. And for a dog, that’s a very long time!

Even so, pets can get a little discombobulated amid big crowds. It was a strange place and with so many people, we’re betting the pet was a little on edge.

And so he was.

Because when his long-lost owner finally approached through the throng, the dog’s first reaction seemed to be one of fear…

He just froze solid.

Then his loving owner slowly put his bag down and that’s when the lonely pup realized…dad was home!

And his reaction is just absolutely heartwarming in every sense of the word; it’s so beautiful, in fact, that the entire internet can’t stop watching this amazing reunion.

This is indicative of the love a pet feels for its owner, and how that love is always unconditional.

Even if you leave for a little while, or perhaps a long while, that pet will never forget you and he or she will always be ready to give you a giant hug!

That’s exactly what happened here and honestly, I just can’t stop watching it.

If you’re having a rough day, watch it a few times…I guarantee you’ll feel better. 🙂

Source: Honest to Paws

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