Newborn puppy stops breathing in soldier's hands, then he jumps into action in an epic way
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Newborn puppy stops breathing in soldier’s hands, then he jumps into action in an epic way

Sometimes when trying to save a life, rescuers must think on their feet and work with limited options.

Young victims often present more difficulties, and young animals can make rescue efforts seem impossible.

A puppy, just days old with not even his eyes open, stopped breathing. Most puppies in this state would be resigned to die as just part of the life cycle.

But one soldier who happened to be nearby decided otherwise. He wouldn’t give up on life so easily.

Everyone knows about CPR and rescue breathing to save people. But all the instructions are for people, not tiny puppies.

In a bold effort to cheat death, the soldier began softly applying repeated pressure with his fingers onto the puppy’s chest.

Ever so delicately, but forcefully, the soldier went through the repetitions to get the puppy’s heart beating.

And he didn’t stop there.

Without any breathing apparatus designed for a fragile puppy, the soldier grabbed a towel, held it over the dog’s small mouth and blew through the towel into the puppy’s lungs.

And then he went right back to his modified CPR, and then back to breathing for the puppy.

After just a few minutes of his resuscitation efforts, the soldier holds up a puppy crying aloud and breathing.

Yes, it’s a big miracle for a very small pup!

Such effort is a proud moment for the soldier that he can cherish for a very long time.

The little dog owes his life to someone who thought fast, worked with available options and changed the course of a life forever. It’s a truly great thing!

Source: Little Things

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