Noisy Pug Wakes Up Entire Apartment Building, So He ‘Writes’ An Adorable Apology Note
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Noisy Pug Wakes Up Entire Apartment Building, So He ‘Writes’ An Adorable Apology Note

In the middle of the night, an apartment building in downtown Pittsburgh awoke to a terrible sound.

At first, it had been just some mild whimpers, which the residents didn’t hear.

But these whimpers quickly escalated into high-pitched yowls and shrieks, and it went through just about every wall in the building.

The apartment in question belonged to a woman named Sharla, but those horrifying sounds weren’t coming form a human…

They were coming from her 11-year-old pug, affectionately named Charleston Chew.

Charleston is diabetic and vision-impaired and sometimes he just gets scared, and he has to yowl like crazy. He’s not being hurt in any way; he’s just a little frustrated.

The only problem was that his caterwauling was irritating Sharla’s fellow tenants, so she decided to smooth things over.

She wrote a letter from Charleston Chew’s point of view and hung it on her door, explaining his rude behavior and apologizing.

The letter went over quite well and in fact, another tenant – Megan Jones – thought it was so funny, she snapped a photo of it and posted it to Twitter.

It went viral almost immediately, as pet lovers everywhere loved the note!

Since then, Sharla and Charleston have become something of internet celebrities in the apartment building, and people are getting used to the pup’s howling.

Let’s just hope everyone continues to be understanding of the adorable little pooch!

Source: Little Things

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