Owner Lashes Out With Horrible Retort When Rescuers Say They Found His Dog
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Owner Lashes Out With Horrible Retort When Rescuers Say They Found His Dog

Some dogs are not given the life they deserve.

Everyone loves a puppy, but when they grow old and don’t like to play any longer because their bodies hurt they can be neglected, or worse…

They can just be dumped and left to fend for themselves.

This senior dog was found by rescuers roaming railroad tracks; he was terrified and heartbroken, and each time they tried to catch him he ran away in fear.

They didn’t want to frighten him too much, lest he run onto the tracks where he was in danger of getting hit by a train.

So, they just tried to steer him to another area where he’d at least be a little safer.

They kept coming to try to gain his trust, and slowly he started allowing them to get closer and closer.

Maybe he figured out that they just wanted to save him, or maybe he was just starving and could smell the treats they had for him in their pockets!

Finally, after a lot of time and a little trust on the dog’s part, they caught him.

He was in bad shape with an injured eye and walking with a limp so they took him straight to the vet.

They were overjoyed when the vet scanned the old dog and found a microchip.

The old guy was going to go back home to a loving family who must have missed him terribly.

But unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

When they contacted the owner he said he didn’t want him and they could keep him. Wow, how could anyone be so cruel to their faithful companion?

The rescuers who had worked so hard to get the dog, that the owner revealed was named Bobi, weren’t about to give up.

They were going to help him get well and find him a new life; one that he absolutely deserved in his later years!

Watch the video of Bobi’s transformation and see how he’s doing today – you’ll be very glad you did!

Source: YouTube

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