Owner Fakes His Death To See How His Cat Will React, It Doesn't Go As Planned
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Owner Fakes His Death To See How His Cat Will React, It Doesn’t Go As Planned

A man adopted a cat named Sparta, in 2007 and they’ve been the best of buds since then.

Sparta is loyal and loving, like many cats.

But one day his owner decided to test that loyalty by faking his death in front of his best friend, and well, it didn’t go as expected.


Sparta watches with only mild interest as the man clutches his chest as he fakes a dramatic death.

He’s really putting on a performance!

He falls to his knees still clutching his chest and groaning.

Then he falls to the floor and pretends to be dead.

Sparta comes over to investigate and sniffs his dad.

See? The loyal pet is worried, right?

He’s going to get very anxious or upset, right? That’s how concerned animals act, after all…

But no.

Sparta just wanders off to the side and just lays down!

He’s not going to help; he’s just going take a nap. Yep, sounds like a typical cat.

His owner, sounding like his feelings are little hurt at the lack of sympathy looks up and says, “REALLY DUDE?!”

Needless to say, Spartan’s reaction was hilarious, even if it did hurt his dad’s feelings a little.

But no worries, he made up for it later by giving him lots of snuggles, and he was forgiven.

As they say, cats will be cats! 🙂

Source: Bored Panda

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