Owner Locks Impatient Pup In The Car...Then This Amazing Dog Gets A Brilliant Idea!
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Owner Locks Impatient Pup In The Car…Then This Amazing Dog Gets A Brilliant Idea!

For pet lovers, it’s best to remember that shunning a pooch leads to payback like no other.

For instance, cooler weather may give owners the idea they can leave a dog in a parked car.

But fairer weather or not, dogs don’t like being left alone.

And some of the more intelligent (and spirited!) pups will make their owners pay for the slight every chance they get!

One pooch decided he’d been left alone in the car one too many times, so he immediately took matters into his own hands.

His only goal – publicly shame his owner.

Obviously, this very smart canine paid close attention every time his owner laid into the car horn to get someone’s attention.

And now it was time to draw everyone’s attention to him, sitting in command in the car driver’s seat!

One stiff paw and this dog blared the car horn for all to hear, and wasn’t gonna stop until everyone noticed, especially his owner.

A stunned passerby caught the hilarious incident on video at Vancouver Island’s Beban Park on November 19, and the video has since gone crazy viral.

The person recording the video can be heard pleading with the dog to stop the ongoing racket, but nope, this pooch wasn’t listening.

His pleas were met with a steely stare that wasn’t budging.

Take that, fair weather owner!

Source: iHeartDogs

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