Frantic Owner Gets Locked Out – Smart Pup Hears Her Cries For Help, And Races To The Door
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Frantic Owner Gets Locked Out – Smart Pup Hears Her Cries For Help, And Races To The Door

Dogs never cease to amaze people, even their owners.

When Kaylyn Marie got locked out of her house one day, she knew her dog Sam would be worried. But she didn’t really believe he could help.

The problem was a little more complicated than one might initially believe:

Kaylyn had been swimming in her backyard pool and her pup was inside, waiting for her to finish (all dogs wait for their beloved owners!).

But when Kaylyn got out, she realized the piece of wood that blocks the sliding door had fallen back into place. She couldn’t get in!

It wasn’t that the door was locked; the piece of wood just wouldn’t allow the door to move.

Sam noticed Kaylyn’s distress, however, and jumped to help!


Kaylyn pointed to the piece of wood and Sam immediately went to work …but could he really manage it? As Kaylyn told The Dodo:

I was able to get him to start pawing at the door. I honestly didn’t think he’d be able to do it.

And at first, the enthusiastic pooch couldn’t quite get the piece of wood free. He pawed at it for a bit, but then turned around, as if he was giving up.

However, he returned quickly for another attempt and this time, he maneuvered the stick free and snagged it with his teeth!

Seconds later, Kaylyn was inside and very proud of her smart dog.

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