Owner Brings Starving Pup To Vet – The Doctor Makes A Move That's Simply Criminal
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Owner Brings Starving Pup To Vet – The Doctor Makes A Move That’s Simply Criminal

When you bring your pet to the vet’s, you expect the doctor to be an animal lover.

At the very least, you assume he or she is a professional and a kind-hearted individual.

But when poor starving TinTin went to the vet’s in Bali, Indonesia, he didn’t exactly get the treatment he so desperately needed…

No, he just went from one nightmare to another!

TinTin is a friendly pit bull that got sick one day, so his owner dropped him off at the vet’s … then the owner never came back.

TinTin needed all sorts of help; he had a blood parasite carried by ticks and he was obviously malnourished.

So, what did the vet do? Did he call a local shelter or rescue group? Did he try to care for the ailing creature himself?

No. He just tossed him in a kennel and treated him terribly!

He barely fed the starving TinTin and didn’t bother to treat the poor pooch’s other ailments, either.

Thankfully, the Director of the Bali Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC), Ebony Owens, got a message from a local man who’d spotted TinTin wasting away at the clinic.

And Owens was just horrified:

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