Pandora Was Digging In The Yard, Came In To Show Mom Her Find And She Lost It
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Pandora Was Digging In The Yard, Came In To Show Mom Her Find And She Lost It

Dogs LOVE to dig.

They dig to bury prized possessions. They dig for a cool spot to lie down. And they dig up what they’ve buried.

Some dogs will dig simply because they enjoy it or because they smell something interesting. No one will ever know for sure why the dog in this video started digging.

But the results are priceless….

Pandora is a sweet dog who enjoys digging. Like many dogs, she gets into just about everything. This time, she started digging in her back yard. Recognizing that young pups will often eat what they find, Pandora’s owner acted quickly when she saw something alarming.

Pandora appeared to be eating something that she had dug up from the back yard. Fearing that it could be toxic, her owner quickly went to Pandora to get whatever it was out of her mouth.

What she found was nothing less than hysterical.

Check out the video and then see the hilarious videos below:

I couldn’t see what it was, so I called her in, her owner said.

“When I lifted her head, I almost died from laughing.”

Pandora had found an old set of dentures. When her owner reached her, Pandora simply smiled, dentures and all.

You have no chance of looking at this video and not laughing out loud when you see Pandora with her dentures in.

Her owners reported that an elderly couple used to own the property. They can only assume that the dentures came from their time in the house.

Although, no one is quite sure why a set of dentures would be buried in the back yard. You’d think that would be something that would be missed, wouldn’t you?

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Source: All Cute All The Time


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