Pedestrian Spots A ‘Lifeless Lump Of Fur’ – When It Lifts Its Head, She Gasps In Dismay
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Pedestrian Spots A ‘Lifeless Lump Of Fur’ – When It Lifts Its Head, She Gasps In Dismay

When two animal lovers spotted a lump of fur on the pavement, they were heartsick.

They really thought they were looking at a dead animal.

It wasn’t moving and it hadn’t reacted to the sound of their approach. They couldn’t even tell what it was, at first glance.

But these two pedestrians, Nika Todua and Irina Liklikadze, weren’t about to pass on by.

These two were volunteers for a local rescue group – Animal Friends – and they knew they just had to help!

So, the two women inched a little closer, hoping to see some signs of life…

They could at least find out what sort of creature it was; it was tough to tell, as it was lying down, all balled up.

Then Nika bent close and realized with a shock:

It was a tiny puppy and it was obviously running out of time!

The poor little thing couldn’t be more than a month old and she was obviously starving. She was weak and terribly malnourished.

It was shocking because she was so feeble and doomed to death,” Todua told The Dodo.

“She was hungry, thirsty and had a lot of worms … and she was very docile.

She didn’t look as if she’d make it, but the two Good Samaritans were determined to save her!

So, Nika and Irina quickly scooped up the hapless little pup and tried to keep her warm and safe.

They also searched around for the puppy’s mother but when they started asking questions, they encountered another piece of sad news:

The puppy’s mother had been killed! She’d been hit by a speeding car and so, the tiny ailing pooch was an orphan.

How sad!

Well, the ladies decided that this lonely creature would become their responsibility.

They called the pup E.T. (because she looked more like an alien than a dog when they first found her), and watched a wonderful transformation take place.

From a sad, close-to-death puppy to a happy, healthy companion! Said Nika:

The most uplifting and emotional thing about this rescue was her transformation from faint and poor puppy to a happy dog.

E.T. loves to play, and she has also developed an eccentric – though adorable! – love of cucumbers and pumpkins.

And if it hadn’t been for these two ladies, E.T. would never have known what happiness tasted like! 🙂

Source: NTD.TV

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