Petrified And Screaming In Pain, This Battered Pup Has One Last Shot To Live
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Petrified And Screaming In Pain, This Battered Pup Has One Last Shot To Live

Animal rescue workers are no strangers to absolutely heart-wrenching scenarios involving our four-legged friends.

It’s all in a day’s work and though they’re used to it, rescuers can still come across situations that they find especially tough to shake…

That was certainly the case for workers from Animal Aid Unlimited in India, as they became aware of a young dog that was howling in pain.


They were summoned to check it out, and they would arrive to find a poor pooch with a severed ear that was screaming and crying.  

The workers were able to gently scoop the little guy up and bring him back to the shelter.

After cleaning him up and conducting a closer examination, they realized his ear was nearly completely severed.

No wonder he was in such tremendous pain!

A trip to the vet was quickly on the docket, and it was determined that the dog, who they named Banjo, needed surgery right away.

If he didn’t get medical assistance immediately, who knows what might happen?

Luckily, Banjo was a real trooper!

The surgery was a big success, and he handled his recovery period like a champ.

He did extremely well immediately after leaving the vet’s, and he continues to improve with every passing day.

Now, brave little Banjo is doing much better and even making a ton of friends around the shelter.

He’s such a lovable and likeable pup that the other dogs just think he’s the best!

He’s obviously a great deal happier…can’t you tell? 😉

Things are a whole lot better in Banjo’s world these days, and that’s all thanks to the awesome folks from Animal Aid Unlimited.

No matter what the situation, good rescuers will always believe in the animal, and they’ll never give up!

We just wish everyone could be so wonderfully kind-hearted. 🙂

Source: Animals Being Cute

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