Puppy Goes Missing For 6 Days - When She's Reunited With Her Owner, She Cries Like A Baby
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Puppy Goes Missing For 6 Days – When She’s Reunited With Her Owner, She Cries Like A Baby

This little puppy ran away after being scared by some loud fireworks.

6 days later, she was finally reunited with her owner and her reaction is absolutely priceless…she cries like a baby!

Anybody who thinks animals don’t form strong attachments to their owners needs to see this.

Dogs especially love their owners; they’re not called “man’s best friend” for nothing.

So when an adorable schnauzer went missing, the owner was understandably upset…though perhaps not as upset as the dog.

In this heartbreaking video, the happy pet is seen crying uncontrollably after finally being reunited with his owner.

The schnauzer had been a loyal friend for 16 years but when he got spooked for fireworks, he ran off and was missing for 6 days.

That’s a long six days for a dog.

But when she hears the recognizable sound of her owner’s motorcycle engine, she goes totally nuts.

And it’s one of the most emotional reunions you will ever see.

Said the owner:

“She couldn’t find my house, so she ended up walking four or five times as far to another house she was familiar with and I ended up getting a phone call.”

The video has since gone crazy viral on YouTube and we certainly know why.

This illustrates the love we have for our pets and more importantly, the love our pets have for us.

Hopefully, this particular best friend won’t stray too far from home anymore!

And if you’ve got a beloved pet, maybe you should consider putting him or her on a leash if you’re going to watch some fireworks…

Source: DoggiesCare

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