Lonely Pup’s Past Is A Mystery – Then A Vet Checks Her Teeth And Discovers The Awful Truth
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Lonely Pup’s Past Is A Mystery – Then A Vet Checks Her Teeth And Discovers The Awful Truth

When a vet first saw a filthy, neglected pup, he knew the poor animal had lived a nightmare.

He just didn’t realize how bad it was until he checked her teeth…

It began when Mutt Scouts founder Nikki Audet heard about an abandoned dog, and rushed to the scene in Tijuana, Mexico.

There she found an exhausted, beaten pooch, sitting on top of a pile of trash.

It was such a heartbreaking sight: the dog had many scars on her skin, and her belly sagged from multiple pregnancies.

Nikki knew this pup needed immediate help, so she scooped him up and raced over to the local vet’s office.

That’s where she learned the awful truth about this pup’s horrific past:

The vet said he had just had another dog come in who was attacked and the wounds were exactly the same as hers.

Her teeth were all filed down so she couldn’t fight back, some are ground right down to the root. She was just attacked constantly.

Yes, sadly, this poor creature was used for dog fighting!

On top of which, the 5-year-old pooch was infested with fleas and ticks and needed lots of medicated baths, along with antibiotics for any lingering infections.

Her dog fighting days left her open to a great many problems, after all.

But the good news is that this pup, who they named Sophie, started to improve rapidly and before long, her adorable personality came shining through.

She absolutely loves people,” said Nikki. “She even gives us hugs. She is just the sweetest girl.”

The only downside is that Sophie is still terrified of other dogs. And rightfully so, given her past.

So, it’s going to take some time for Sophie to realize that other pups aren’t going to attack her, but Nikki says this must be taught “very slowly and patiently.”

Sophie will start working with a trainer as well, so the future is looking bright. Added Nikki:

I’m super excited for her to move on to a great life.

It’s like she almost can’t believe that she’s finally out of that awful situation and all these nice people are paying such good attention to her.

She is so grateful. You can just see it.

Yes, we can, and it’s a beautiful sight! 😀

Source: Pawpulous

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