Rescuers Spot Terrified Raccoon Stuck In Sewer Grate...They Inch Closer, Then Burst Into Laughter
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Rescuers Spot Terrified Raccoon Stuck In Sewer Grate…They Inch Closer, Then Burst Into Laughter

Okay, so trapped animals aren’t always funny.

In fact, many times, it’s very sad; even tragic.

But every now and then, you come across a story like this…and you just can’t help but laugh.

The holiday season has arrived and as most of us know, it’s wise to moderately partake of the many culinary delights.

We always assume we’ll gain a little weight but we don’t want to go nuts, right?

Well, some animals who have plenty of food at hand don’t have such an “Off” switch, and when that happens, well…

You never know when you might be in a tight spot, in an elevator or in the workaday carpool, and a few extra pounds may put you in an embarrassing situation.

Just ask this chubby raccoon.

Seems he indulged in one too many nightly prowls through the neighborhood, feasting on holiday leftovers. And now the masked raider is stuck!

His holiday heists had put him in a real pickle, as reported by the Zion, Illinois, police.

“It seems this little guy has been eating a little too well and got caught in the sewer grate,” the police reported on their social media account.

Officers were unable to liberate the pitifully cute and chubby critter. So, in another somewhat hilarious move, they called for backup.

A little later, Zion Public Works Department workers were able to free the raccoon and for the fun of it, snapped a few pictures to document the hilarious encounter.

Seems like the best comedies end up having a chunky fellow getting all the laughs, right? 😉

Source: Huffington Post

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