Giant Senior Pup Stranded In The Mud – He’s Finally Saved, But Not By A Human
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Giant Senior Pup Stranded In The Mud – He’s Finally Saved, But Not By A Human

An 11-year-old Great Pyrenees has been missing for two days.

The giant dog – who has the fantastic name of “Puppy” – disappeared when his owners went for a horseback ride in the woods.

Puppy tagged along but unfortunately, owners and pet got separated somewhere along the way.

Try as they might, Puppy’s owners just couldn’t find her.

They were starting to lose hope … after all, they were only two people. They needed some help.

But they didn’t just call another human for help; they called someone who had a very special search assistant.

Jim Branson is the founder of Useless Bay Sanctuary, a nonprofit dog rescue, and he raised an eager German shepherd named Tino from birth.

And Tino went through search-and-rescue training like a champ!

Yes indeed, Tino was a search prodigy, so when Puppy’s owners needed help, they called up Jim Branson and he was quickly on the scene … with Tino in tow!

The team returned to the spot where Puppy’s owners had lost track of her, and then Jim set Tino to work:

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