Shelter Cats Keep Disappearing – One Employee Gets A Text And Races For The Cops
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Shelter Cats Keep Disappearing – One Employee Gets A Text And Races For The Cops

Shelters are supposed to be safe havens for animals.

And usually, they are. But every once in a while, you hear a nightmare story … and the animal lover in you is outraged.

Such is the case here:

Bridget Woodson, a volunteer at an Indiana animal shelter, didn’t realize that shelter cats were disappearing at first.

Then one day, she was told to do something absolutely abominable:

She was told to kill a sick cat by putting it in the freezer!

And she wasn’t asked just once; she was asked twice. Thankfully, she refused both times, but this prompted her decision to quit.

Woodson initially was too afraid to go to the police because of retaliation from the management but luckily, her conscience got the better of her.

She told WEVV that she felt “sick to her stomach” when she was asked to stuff a live cat into a trash bag and throw it into the freezer.

Apparently, her boss told her this was “no less humane” than regular euthanization.

But this isn’t true at all.

The American Veterinary Association’s euthanasia guidelines specifically states that hypothermia is NOT an acceptable method.

The Spencer County Sheriff’s Office immediately opened an investigation into these allegations and horribly, they’re true.

The shelter did in fact kill multiple animals by freezing them alive!

The Spencer County Animal Control Board, which oversees the shelter, said “actions have occurred that are fundamentally opposed to that mission.”

That’s the understatement of the year!

However, all this being said, Woodson says she doesn’t want the shelter closed down. That would hurt the community overall.

She just wants an overhaul of the policies, and some changes in its board and management.

Well, that’s definitely coming.

As it’s already confirmed that these accusations are true, you can bet that people are going to get fired over this.

Furthermore, they may face charges of animal abuse as well.

Let’s hope justice is swiftly done!

Source: HuffPost Pets

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