Tiny Shelter Pup Can't Stop Shaking - WW2 Vet Reaches Out And The Room Goes Quiet
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Tiny Shelter Pup Can’t Stop Shaking – WW2 Vet Reaches Out And The Room Goes Quiet

A tiny Chihuahua named Coco lost her home, and she was just devastated.

She was turned in to the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center by her former owners, who said they just didn’t want her anymore.

The pup was blindsided by the move, and the poor thing just couldn’t understand why she’d been abandoned.

She was 3 years old and weighed in at only 6 pounds, so the world is already a pretty scary place for such a small animal.

Then, her owners go and ditch her … is it any wonder Coco was petrified of just about everything?

Shelter workers couldn’t get Coco to stop shaking. She was in a constant state of fear and it just broke everyone’s heart.

Then one day, an elderly gentleman named Allen walked into the shelter with a Meals on Wheels volunteer.

The 90-year-old set eyes on Coco and it was love at first sight … and maybe there was a reason for that.

As it turns out, Allen’s dog had recently died and “he was becoming depressed being all alone,” the shelter wrote on their Facebook page.

But though he loved the pup, how would Coco react? She was terrified of everything, remember?

Well, not Allen!

It was truly love at first sight.

As soon as we put Coco in his lap, she stopped shaking.

Dallas Animal Services shelter manager Nicole Hernandez added that Coco “couldn’t take her eyes of him, and he wouldn’t stop smiling at her.”

The shaking was just magically gone! Coco’s fear of people had apparently evaporated in a matter of seconds!

And as for Allen, he knew he just had to bring Coco home.

The shelter said “he didn’t even want to let her go long enough to do the paperwork.”

Isn’t that just the most adorable thing you’ve ever heard? Doesn’t it make your day, as it made ours?

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Source: NTD.TV

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